Why heart disease is still the number one killer

There is no single cause of heart disease or heart failure. There are lots of reasons. The most important reasons are the ones most overlooked, those due to deficiencies in the four drivers of health, and yes, we aggravate the disease by our many excesses, including calorie binges and alcohol binges.

Re – proper nutrition, e.g.: Raw green leafy vegetables – the most nutritious food group and the most under-consumed in America.

Substances in high concentrations in fresh, raw green leafy vegetables critical to heart health:

Magnesium, potassium, thiamine, folate, vitamin C, and vitamin K, and their associated “non-essential” nutrients.

There is a correlation between incidence of heart disease and those people in the highest quintile of meat consumption.

Is meat toxic to the heart? Those who would politicize the issue surely want us to think so.

If we exclude those who overcook and over-reheat meat, those who eat preserved (nitrite or smoked) meats, and those who eat meat whose fat has pesticides in it, the correlation would probably be somewhat reduced, but it will still be there. Why?

Because it is more likely that the basis of the correlation is that those who eat the most meat eat the least fresh raw green leafy vegetables. Deficiency drives disease; eating excessive quantities of meat, especially overcooked, preserved, and pesticide-contaminated meat, aggravates the situation.


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