Keeping stress in the hormetic range

The right amount of stress -in the hormetic range- increases resistance to stress and improves health and possibly longevity. Too much stress overwhelms defenses and harms health. The most studied example is oxidative stressors, but this applies equally to all types of stressors, including important psychological stressors.

An agent that inhibits stress when it is too high and increases it when stress is too low is needed. An example would be a bispecific drug or combination of drugs that regulates the amount of stress, increasing it when it falls below the hormetic level, and decreasing it, as the level increases above the hormetic levels.

With oxidative stressors in particular, what is needed is a bispecific drug that increases oxidative stress when it is too low to have a hormetic effect, or more preferably, a bispecific drug that allows oxidative stress to naturally increase to hormetic levels, and a second drug activity, optionally connected by a linker to the first drug, that decreases oxidative stress when it is too high to have or to maintain a hormetic effect, and in fact is overwhelming the defenses induced during the hormetic period.


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