The importance of definitions

Define a problem improperly and you will not solve it save by serendipity.

Define a problem correctly and you have already partially solved it.

For examples, doctors blame most of our health problems on our weight. Some American doctors stop just short of claiming that obesity is the cause of diabetes. No doctor working in rural India would agree.

American doctors are way off the mark.

Weight is not a weighty problem in America.

Our health problems are a consequence of so-called civilization, living in the fast lane, all the time on a vicious cycle, characterized by noxious imbalances in the four drivers of health, and one of many consequences of this is excess poundage.

The solution to our health problems will automatically normalize our weight, although that weight might be quite a bit heavier than doctors think is normal or healthy.

The solution to our health problems is simply to live like a Weston Price primitive.


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