There are two kinds of people

The minority: those who admire bullies, some of whom are themselves bullies, or were bullied and reacted by becoming a bully.

Those who despise bullies, some or many of whom have been bullied.

Can we put numbers on this? Maybe in America, maybe not.

Naturally there are confounding variables like how conservative are the candidate and the voters, how religious both are, how demagogic the candidate, how appealing the candidate, etc.

Donald Trump is not very conservative, is an obvious demagogue, and he is a nasty, truculent bully (though I also think he is ultimately a wimp, though not as wimpy as Obama) – with the nasty disposition of a macaque monkey – and he has a ceiling of support of around 40% [those who admire bullies] that rises to just above 50% in states like New York where because of New York City there are a lot of aggressive, pushy, obnoxious, arrogant people, and will rise to way above that as voters begin to sense that he will win the nomination, and his support sinks to a low of 14% in states like Utah where arrogant bullies are abhorred, as are fake conservatives and obvious demagogues.

While I would be uncomfortable living among the insanely religious Mormons, in my first visit to NYC, in pursuit of lucrative employment, I was so uncomfortable with the thought of living among such people that I abandoned my pursuit immediately. I hate NYC and NYC values.

Further speculation: those who admire bullies in fact also admire slave owners. The authors of the Bible were bullies and they admired bullies and they have plenty of like-minded individuals.

The authors of the Old Testament are slave owners, and therefore classic bullies. How ironic that they are apparently admired by those who like Mormons apparently despise bullies. Religious people heavily filter their religious texts of things abhorrent to them.

Those who despise bullies despise slave owners and root for the slaves to rebel and gain their freedom.


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