Unfinished thoughts

Most people do not finish their thoughts and hence do not face what might change their thoughts.

Example – atheists do not finish their atheistic thoughts. If they did, they would conclude that the terminus of the atheistic argument is mathematical nihilism, the idea that nothing is the rule, “something” is just an exception, the idea that the multiverse evolves according to the laws of probability, and is an eternal zero sum in all of its conserved quantities. Don’t like the finished thought? Still think atheism is right? Then stay with it. Having finished the atheistic thought, if you now believe atheism makes no sense, or fails to model the data that we have, then consider the alternatives.

Example 2 – Vegans love to say that it takes 10 pounds of vegetables to make a pound of meat. Finish the thought: if that is so, then I can get the nutrition of 5 pounds of vegetables by eating a half pound of meat (this is true of the nutrients that meat concentrates; obviously, vegetables are not dispensable, due to the nutrients in them that muscle does not concentrate, unless we eat the whole animal, because tissues other than muscle concentrate different nutrients that our whole bodies need). Why would I even try to eat 5 pounds of carrots rather than 0.5 pound of beef? Am I mad? Are the vegans mad in suggesting it? No – they just stop thinking when it suits them. They do not finish the thought sequence. Many of them do not realize that they cannot possibly eat enough plant food to nourish their bodies as well as an omnivore can, and they are relying on un-assayed conversions to work properly. For example, the conversion of cysteine, which is a rare amino acid in plant food, though plentiful in animal food, into much needed taurine – no one tests this; every vegan merely assumes it is working with sufficient efficiency in their bodies. What if it and any of many other conversions are not working sufficiently well to maintain good health? Vegans are treating themselves as guinea pigs in a poorly controlled (because they are not measuring important conversions) health experiment.



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