Trying to fit claims to a coherent model – the best way to find the truth

Another example –

Claim 1 – Gentiles were living in what would become known as the promised land when Jews arrived

Claim 2 – God exists

Claim 3 – God granted the holy land to the Jews

If claim 1 is true and claim 2 is false, then claim 3, which is also clearly hearsay, is false, and a sensible judge would honor the Gentile claim, the descendants of those who were in the land at the time of the coming of the Jews, to the land as having priority. This is I suppose the reasoned basis for rejecting the Jewish statehood, in which the Arabs accept claims 1 and claim 2, while rejecting claim 3 as hearsay.

At any rate, the Jewish claim to the land seems mighty tenuous, as it depends on two unverifiable claims and there is evidence against claim 2.

The authors of the bible made many mistakes. In this holy land issue, they made the mistake of documenting that gentiles – and defining them pretty well – were living in the land at the time and they made the mistake of concocting a cock and bull story about god giving them the land.

One is reminded of the American mistakes with the Native Americans: documenting that Native Americans were living in the lands at the time the American settlers arrived and then settled, seized or sometimes bought the land, while concocting the cock and bull story of Manifest Destiny (sounds a lot like god’s will for god’s new chosen people, the Americans).


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