When the world had sense, it ignored the boasts of terrorists

Today’s world is senseless. It takes the boasts of pip-squeak terrorists seriously. A tiny extremist fraction of the Muslim population boasts that it is going to bring about Armageddon on all of the infidels (by their definition, non-Muslims), who now number over 6 billion. Really? Any sensible person listening to this braggadocio, this drivel, this idiocy, this madness, simply dismisses it. That is exactly what the world used to do to terrorists. Now our brain-dead press shoves big hairy microphones in front of them and a gullible frightened public listens to them. Senseless fools, all.

The threat to our liberty and our way of life is right here at home. We have met the enemy, and guess what, they are not deportable.

Is terrorism a big problem? No – it never was and never will be because these pip squeaks cannot possibly enact their braggadocio. Who gives terrorists credibility? We the gullible American fools, who are cowards to boot. How ironic in the land of the free and home of the brave.

Is illegal immigration the real problem? Not at all – the greedy Americans who hire them at a slave’s wages are the underlying problem, and a government that does not crack down on these business owners is an accessory.

Drugs pouring across the border a big problem? Not at all – the weak American drug addicts who are consuming the drugs are why the drugs keep moving across the border, and if we stopped that drug flow tomorrow, they would flow in other ways.

All of these things are smoke screens. Our so-called political leaders lack the courage to propose real solutions to real issues. Our out of control deficit spending and our super-super-sick-and-senseless souls are the problems that are currently beating us senseless.

We are living in a Juvenal’s Satire.


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