Mark’s Law: A brass balls’ solution to the illegal immigrant problem

First, a purely economic solution to the problem. I have some doubts that it will work, but it is a lot less cruel than the brass balls’ solution; so it makes sense to try it first, just in case it does work and the harsher solution is unnecessary.

  1. Pass a law that fines businesses 3, 4 or 5 years worth of minimum wages for every undocumented worker discovered to be working in his business. Use these collected fines to partially offset the cost of the program.
  2. Enforce the law with increasing vigor to “terrorize” American business owners into firing their illegals.
  3. With no jobs, the illegals will go back to Mexico on their own.

The brass balls’ solution is harsh, even cruel, and it is a gamble, but it is a lot cheaper than rounding up, detaining, processing, and deporting millions of illegal aliens, because of due process, which protects those who are falsely accused. There are far fewer business owners who employ illegals than there are illegals. The government can make some money auctioning off the seized businesses to partially offset its costs in prosecuting the following law.

  1. Draft new legislation called “Mark’s Law”: Toughen existing penalties for those who hire illegals, with huge fines, much stiffer prison terms, no possibility of parole, and mandatory business closure.
  2. Announce a blitzkrieg program to arrest those scumbag greedy bastards running businesses that hire illegals and shutter their damned businesses temporarily.
  3. Auction these businesses off quickly to those who already own a successful business or who have already run a successful business. The new owners will hire legal managers and legal workers.
  4. Spread the word that this process will accelerate, and accelerate it in true blitzkrieg fashion to spark fear in those who have hired illegals.
  5. Other businesses who have hired and are hiring illegals will be forced to fire them and start to hire legal workers or risk huge fines, long imprisonment with no hope of parole, and mandatory forfeiture of their businesses.
  6. With no work anywhere, illegals will leave the country voluntarily, and they will not come back as long as Mark’s Law is in effect.

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