Dr. Sam Chachoua and the nemesis theory

From his website, in his own words (http://drsamchachoua.com/)


The nemesis theory first postulated by me in 1980 was that – “for every disease there is an anti-disease organism capable of destroying it and restoring health.” It is not surprising therefore that every case of spontaneous remission investigated shows that cancer or AIDS or other disease may disappear miraculously even for a short period of time after infection with its nemesis.”

There is probably some truth in this, that goes something like: for some diseases due to a biological agent, there is an agent that can compete successfully with it, in some cases, even eradicating it.

But many diseases have no biological agent; so we would not expect there to be an anti-agent.

The statement of his theory is unscientific for a number of reasons and this hurts this doctor’s credibility:

1. His use of “organism” – he is including viruses, but viruses are not organisms.
2. The use of “destroying” – great exaggeration – a complete eradication will hardly be the norm. By definition, it is exceptional.
3. There is no “every case” – another emotional exaggeration.
4. For a scientist to use the word “miraculously” – I won’t even go there.

Too bad – when a potentially valuable insight has such a poor spokesperson.


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