What if god is the nastiest SOB?

It sounds like a contradiction, but consider that it means only that the supreme power in the universe is the nastiest of SOBs, as Yahweh and Allah (Yahweh on steroids) are so well-limned.

If true, then the nastiest SOBs will love god -and surely that is true – and these predators will torture us, the prey, the peace lovers, the slaves, the fit-to-be-slaves, the nice and gentle guys who finish last or close to it, in a word, the world’s losers (the world likes extreme opinions).

In the afterlife, if there is such, the nasty SOB god will reward his nasty SOB followers and punish for all of eternity all of us nice guys, us slaves, us losers, us prey, who could not possibly love let alone worship such a nasty SOB of a god, whom we see as just another, bigger, meaner, nastier master. By nature, we poor nice guys could love only someone who is kind, gentle, loving, sympathetic, generous, one who is like us, the losers, the slaves, the prey.

We all see god in our ideal image, even if our self-image is embellished, and if there is a god, in theory only one group can be right – suppose, just suppose, the supreme power is the god of the nasty SOB humans who love the nasty SOB gods, Yahweh and Allah.

No wonder Nietzsche, ironically pictured as an anti-Semite, but who was a classic predator, a winner with just a streak of the nice guy in him, who thought highly of Yahweh and Allah, and who despised Jesus, could not stand there to be a god, given that he was not god. He wanted to be Top Dog and he despised all of us underdogs.


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