An untried approach to terrorism

While expecting a different outcome, a dumb man keeps doing things that have not worked. The smart man tries new things and keeps what works.

A terrorist is insane. Hatred and violence toward insane people is the wrong approach, as shown by the long history of treating mental illness.

The following is probably a dumb approach to terrorism, but it is smarter than what is now being done because at least I am not advocating doing what already has not worked. It is a new, a fresh approach that requires a good deal of patience.

Insane people need compassion, love, and above all treatment.

The most appropriate kind of love to show terrorists is that of a big brother for his little brother, a love that occasionally employs an elbow to the ribs.

The antidote to insanity in general and terrorism specifically, the most appropriate treatment, is acceptance of science’s most important tenet:

That which is clearly contradicted by credible data is simply false.

The data prove that the Koran’s claim to be nothing but the words of the one true, all-knowing God, is false.

Terrorists believe what is flatly contradicted by data. This is not only wrong, but insane.

When science’s most fundamental tenet is accepted worldwide, then sanity will prevail, religions will disappear, and so will terrorism.

Violence, hatred, and insanity will not extinguish violence, hatred, and insanity. Someday science and brotherly love will extinguish all of them.


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