No greater love

The deepest, most abiding kind of human love is that of a good mother for her children.

God’s love for man, as recorded in the bible, cannot compare.

If the bible is right, then while God plagued man with all of the following ills and more, no good mother would plague her children with:

1. Over 4000 named genetic diseases

2. Over 900 species of intestinal parasites

3. Parasites of every major organ system in the body

4. Viral, bacterial, fungal, and prion infections and diseases

5. Thousands of medical conditions/diseases

6. 50 or so genes that code for relatively insoluble proteins that can create problems after maturity

7. Pests like mosquitoes, flies, bees, ants, spiders, ticks, rats, mice, snakes, etc. (These pests of course were well-known to the ancient world, but they chose to ignore these data in formulating the view that a god who loves us created everything in the world, when both Aristotle’s view that god created everything in the world but does not care about us or answer our prayers, and the more complicated view of dual supernatural creators, held by no one that I know, that god created the good things and an evil being created all of the ills, better fit the limited data that they had.)

8. Food spoilage micro-organisms (people say grace and thank god for the feast before them. Who do we thank for the food-spoilage micro-organisms that destroy the leftovers?)

9. The pains of old age and of unrequited love.

10. I could go on and on. God’s love for man cannot compare with a good mother’s love of her children.

The twin ideas that God created the entire world for our benefit (or for both his own and our benefit) and that God loves us more than a good mother loves her children are thus contradicted by numerous facts.

Only one contradictory fact is needed to disprove the religious thesis and force a rational person to construct a new model that fits the data. Aristotle’s view fits the data, but a scientist would question the necessity of the supernatural “prime mover”; a scientist would even more trenchantly question the hypothetical view of two supernatural creators as two too many supernatural beings. Occam’s razor rules. Look to the zero sum multiverse as the non-supernatural “being” that always was and always will be, a multiverse that always was and always will be a zero sum in all of its conserved properties, provided that the conservation laws are complete (i.e. not missing any terms, such as was the case prior to 1905, when physicists had incomplete laws of the conservation of mass and the conservation of energy).


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