Should people with GERD avoid bending at the waist?

I believe it is generally accepted that those with GER or GERD should sleep with a top-elevated bed – staggered pillows can substitute while reducing the neck strain that double or triple aligned pillows can create.

Likewise, because of the danger of refluxing stomach contents into their esophagus and beyond (in some cases to the throat and even the mouth), should they do deep knee bends instead of bending at the waist, whenever possible?

Reflux is particularly nasty/risky when it is gastric and duodenal contents. Currently bile is predominantly blamed for Barrett’s metaplasia, while acid plus pepsin (gastric juice) is blamed for heartburn and ulceration.

What should we call bile reflux into the stomach coupled with acid reflux into the esophagus? How about PER – peptic [for gastric and duodenal] esophageal reflux and PERD, when it has evolved into a definite disease state such as Barrett’s esophagus?

Is bile in the stomach primarily responsible for nausea, which if severe enough, leads to vomiting? Does the nausea intensify when the bile reaches the esophagus and beyond?



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