Could a single high dose of fat basically sterilize our stomachs?

Based on in vitro results, a high concentration of fatty acid plus sufficient acid could be a very potent germ killer in the lumen of the stomach. Could just a single very high fat meal, with a mixture of coconut oil, butter, flax oil, and fish oil, do the job of sanitizing the luminal contents? Something to think about at a commercial salad bar.

Unfortunately, Helicobacter lives protected behind the bicarbonate buffered mucus layer and some Helicobacter cells even live within epithelial cells. Unless the high fat penetrates this layer, Helicobacter that lives along the epithelial cells in the stomach will probably survive. But there is another problem. Helicobacter also lives in the mouth and the duodenum and it even passes through the colon. Whenever we cut our gums or increase the permeability of our guts (after heavy drinking, e.g.), we also get Helicobacter into our bloodstream, and from there, the bacteria explore every nook and cranny of our bodies they can get into, and no doubt, they can also come back from the bloodstream to the mouth, stomach, and duodenum, and other places, and recolonize.

This is why we need compounds like antibiotics (small molecules like sulforaphane and allicin might also work just as well). Because they can explore virtually every nook and cranny of our bodies, invade every cell or nearly every cell, and destroy Helicobacter and a whole lot of bad ass bacteria as well. But we need less specific or even non-specific antibiotics so that selection for resistant variants is not such a major drawback. When will research shift direction from these too specific and easily defeated antibiotics to less specific and not so easily defeated antibiotics?

A nonspecific antibiotic like bismuth subsalicylate is only for use in the digestive tract. Consequently, it could never eradicate Helicobacter. Much less than 0.1% of the bismuth ingested gets into our bloodstream. Bismuth is too toxic to put into our veins.


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