Understanding the important concept of a nutrient’s DADME network

DADME stands for Proper Digestion, Proper Absorption, Proper Distribution, Proper Metabolism, and Proper Excretion.

All nutrients levels are interdependent or “entangled” – a nutrient’s proper level and proper functioning cannot be normalized unless every nutrient in its DADME network has already been normalized. What are the chances of that?

Every nutrient participates in other nutrients’ DADME networks. Interdependence is the rule. Independence is the exception.

The government’s single recommended daily allowance of each and every nutrient is FOLLY.

Food processing is FOLLY because not only is it adulterating food, but also removing various nutrients, including nutrients in other important nutrients’ DADME networks. A processed food may have enough calcium but be deficient in any of calcium’s DADME network nutrients. Etc. for all other nutrients that the processed food still contains. The entire network of nutrients is needed. The network is the minimally functional unit, and it consists of a nutrient and its entire DADME network.

Every successful species must have its digestive system tuned to its food supply. If, for example, our food supply contains on average 4 times more potassium than sodium, and so on and so forth for all other critical ratios of nutrients, then those ratios better be about what we need, or we are in danger of going extinct. We cannot base our nutrition on our government’s inadequate treatment and defective models. We must choose a large enough random sample of whole foods to nourish ourselves properly, or we must develop accurate models of nutrition and health, or we must follow the wisdom of those indigenous, isolated civilizations that nourished themselves on some rather simple diets, as Weston Price documented so well.


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