Getting the right perspective

Seeing clearly means minimally getting the right perspective.

How do you know when you have it?

You don’t – but if you do, you are more likely disagreeing with established truths.

For example, Descartes’ “cogito ergo sum”

Averaged over all of time, the statement, “I do not think, therefore I do not exist” is more true than “I think, therefore I am.” You may recall it was from the substantiality of the self that ultimately led Descartes to a proof of god’s existence. Averaged over all of time, the self is anything but substantial. Thus we need not go on to god’s existence.

Another example: I feel massive and substantial on earth because of gravity, but averaged over all of space I am weightless and insubstantial. What am I really? With the right perspective, I am next to nothing at all, weightless and insubstantial, and “I think” and “I am” for only a short time, whereas “I think not” and “I am not” for all of the rest of time.

Is our perspective warped or what?

A more controversial example:

The bible says that the Jews are god’s chosen people.

Now I comprehend a great deal in the term “chosen people” but minimally it means that the Jews are un-harmable by Gentiles. If the Jews are the chosen people, then no Gentiles could possibly harm the Jews so long as almighty god protects them as his one and only chosen people. What does history say? For a brief period that may have looked true, as Jews all but annihilated the Gentiles living in the promised land, but the majority of history flat-out contradicts the un-harmability of Jews. Some examples:

1. 400 years of slavery under the Egyptians

2. Almost 400 years of brutal treatment under the Romans

3. The brutal treatment by Babylonians (the lost tribes) and Assyrians.

4. Exile from European countries and Russia

5. The Holocaust.

Need I go on?



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