Soames Forsyte is so much like Yahweh

Quotes by June Forsyte aimed at Soames Forsyte from “The Forsyte Saga” (2002) Part I, Episode 4, re Irene Forsyte, Soames’ unhappy wife:

You were “too possessive, too domineering, too insensitive.”

“Too stupid, too desperate.”

“Any joy she felt you crushed.”

“Any hopes you soured.”

Every time I see this scene I think of Yahweh [Soames] and man [Irene] – every joy of man is ultimately crushed by Yahweh, every genuine hope soured. Like Soames, Yahweh is too self-centered, too selfish, too dominating, a real control freak, and too insensitive to be a believable and lovable Supreme Being. Ultimately Yahweh is a really stupid, distempered and senselessly violent god, a total shit-head.

Of course Yahweh is also just like the Wizard of Oz. If there is a god, he is more like the kind Kansan, but the priests need a Wizard of Oz, so they remade god to suit their purposes and to torture believers, all the while telling themselves, as the Grand Inquisitor does, that it is for our own good, Balderdash.


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