Cholesterol too high?


Cholesterol body pools tend to be too high in most Americans.

Stress tends to raise cholesterol. Cholesterol is a stress marker.

Poor sleep and lack of exercise adds to the stress level and raise cholesterol.

A high fat diet stimulates bile production via cholesterol. Net effect – slight increase in cholesterol and a large increase in bile.

Consumption of cholesterol containing foods increases cholesterol slightly because the body very efficiently absorbs cholesterol and the inhibition of cholesterol synthesis by dietary intake is very small.

A low-fat diet is self-defeating: it is boring and hard to adhere to; it does not satisfy appetite; it inhibits germ-killing in the stomach (seconded by abuse of acid blockers); it defeats gall bladder emptying of toxins and excess cholesterol

A high fiber diet tends to lower cholesterol by binding cholesterol in foods and the excess cholesterol secreted in bile.

Hypothesis: most people’s problem with high cholesterol is due to a deficiency in molecules that move cholesterol out of the body (is sulfation of cholesterol such as mechanism?). Secondarily, there may be problems in the body sensors’ measuring serum cholesterol properly – the body senses that the concentration of cholesterol is lower than it actually is.

Hypothesis: these molecules that move excess cholesterol out of the body are found in egg yolk (methionine and cysteine for sulfation of cholesterol?), may be found in liver, and are found in a well-balanced omnivorous diet.

The omnivorous diet, more exercise, stress management, and better sleep would do a world of good without the use of pharmaceuticals.



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