A simpler way to vaccinate?

Vaccinations add somewhat to the total toxic load acting on a person’s body. When the toxic load is already higher than average, or a person’s defenses are weak (e.g. children on inappropriate diets like low-fat, low-protein pure vegan food), the vaccinations can be the straw that broke the camel’s back. It does not help when the antigens, which are by definition toxins, though “inactivated,” are combined with noxious preservatives like mercury and obnoxious adjuvants like alum.

What if we could vaccinate everyone slowly but surely by mouth?

Make cocktails of purified antigens (no adjuvants, no preservatives) and give them in water/milk/other beverage?

Or deliver them in enterically coated capsules (to un-coat in the small intestines, where some may be absorbed before being digested by pancreatic enzymes)?

One could deliver lots of antigens to which it would be useful to have antibodies and could deliver different cocktails of antigens periodically, covering all of the most important ones during the first few years of life.

Advantages of this approach: No shots, no trips to the doctor’s office, no preservatives, no adjuvants.


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