Why does the body absorb more fat and cholesterol than it needs?

Easy answer: the body would rather have a disposal or a storage problem than suffer the consequences of a DEFICIENCY.

The body acts as if it knows the master equation:

Toxins + Deficiencies [= medical conditions] = eventual death

The body is right: it is under attack by toxins morning, noon, and night. The body’s defenses are in fact always inadequate, and because of this, death is inevitable. While it is alive, the body always welcomes resources in fighting toxins. These resources include cholesterol, which can be turned into bile (and cholesterol sulfate), to help absorb hundreds to thousands of valuable fat-soluble compounds, or converted to hormones to keep the body running smoothly. These resources include fats, which can be burned for energy to keep the body running, and some other fats that can be turned into hormones to steer processes in a useful direction.

The body acts as if it is living in a world of partially developed nothingness, a world in which resources are scarce and the competition for those resources is intense. The body is acting rightly – it is living in Darwin’s world and it is fighting for its life.

Doctors have the luxury of reflecting on how stupidly the body acts and how much smarter they are. The body does not have that luxury.


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