Why I have never even looked at Islam for ultimate truths

I know I should be spreading happiness – after all, that is my philosophy.

However, sometimes people behave so absurdly, one just has to point it out to the few sane people left.

To me Yahweh is a despicable character, worse than many low-life human beings, and I am not tempted to believe Yahweh could be the Supreme Being.

Since Islam says that the bible is also the revealed word of God, Islam is proven false by the falsity of the bible.

But what little I know of Islam, it seems to me that Allah is Yahweh on steroids. Downright psychotic – no chance that Allah is the Supreme Being.

I won’t even make a serious study of the Koran. No absolute truths can abide there.

The bible was written before logic and science were invented, and does it ever show. Totally illogical, inconsistencies everywhere, with a completely unscientific view of the origin of the world and of the nature of man.

But the Koran was invented after logic, yet if possible, given what little I know of it, it is even more illogical, insanely so, hellishly so – with over a hundred references to hell and over a hundred indirect references to fire and the punishments of the damned, and the joy of the blessed, saved ones, who get to witness the sufferings of the damned. Insanely cruel, completely unjust to punish infinitely (by punishing eternally) for a finite amount of wrongdoing, the major “wrongdoing” being not believing in something (the Koran) that is completely unbelievable.

No wonder so many people believe it is the word of god – it is so big a lie that to believe it, one must either abandon all reason and defend it to the death with passion, or give up faith in Allah and his prophet altogether.


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