Stress decreases bodily pools of nutrients

As always, the master equation is:

toxins + deficiencies [= medical conditions] = death

In this equation, “medical conditions” are enclosed in brackets to indicate that they are just an intermediate on the road to death.

The deleterious effects of chronic stress, a toxin in itself, on the body are mediated by increases in the levels of toxic compounds coupled to decreases in pools of nutrients. Toxic compounds increase as comfort food consumption increases. As comfort food consumption increases, nutritious food consumption declines, further reducing nutrient stores. Toxic compounds increase as pain killers and alcohol are used to combat stress. Toxic compounds accumulate when sleep quality/quantity and exercise fall way off. Detoxification consumes consumable nutrients, further lowering stores, and also weakening defenses to all kinds of toxins. Vicious cycle, downward spiral, in which all of the variables are entangled. Scientists simply cannot treat these variables as independent.


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