What is revered more than logic and science?

Something that was invented before logic and science, something deficient because of deficiencies in both logic and scientific understanding in the minds of the creators. Something without the checks and balances of reason and careful scientific experimentation. Something we should be very suspicious of. The bane of mankind. Religion.

Being born before both logic and science, religion is both infra-logical and infra-scientific, not supra-logical and supra-scientific, as its most ardent proponents claim. Religion fails to meet even the most basic requirements of consistency.

Even its mythology is illogical to the core. A few examples:

1. It teaches the myth of the master race (the chosen people), but has the same god create both Jews and Gentiles. A logical person would have god create the chosen people and a grossly inferior being create gentiles.

2. It has a god who claims to be both just and merciful. How can this be? If a man wrongs me by violating god’s law, how can god give justice to me and mercy to my abuser?

3. It claims that god is acting rightly in letting the fratricidal Cain live and be the father of many nations while turning a merely curious Mrs. Lott into salt.

4. It says that god ordered the Jews to slaughter people after people in the loly Land, because they were unclean, while also allowing Jews to breed with slave girls from some of those unclean peoples (ex – the Midianites).

5. It tells logically inconsistent stories of man’s origins. In one story, men and women were created together; in the other story, man was created first. In one story, animals were created before people; in the other, man was created before animals. Logically inconsistent stories and both scientifically incorrect, with a scientifically absurd time-line. The myth of a single primordial man and woman is particularly telling – if you told the creator the scientific implication of that story, that we are an inbred species, he would of course deny the truth of what he just wrote. Not knowing science is a fundamental limitation in writing about anything.

6. The bible tells us that god is the author of some of its 613 or so laws, and the inspiration of all of the rest of its laws, yet the cornerstone of any legal system, due process of law, is conspicuously missing. If even a human can realize this, should not a Supreme Intelligence have done so? Logically inconsistent with the teaching of the Divine Inspiration of the Bible.

I’ll stop because this is getting silly. All writing before the invention of logic (first informally by Socrates-Plato and then formally by Aristotle, then reinvented in a superior form by Whitehead and Russell) is just plain silly. All writing before the invention of science and its many discoveries is highly suspect. How can one expect to find any truth in the writings of someone with no guideposts along the journey? It is hard enough to find truth with some guideposts. Of course much of “what we know” is actually “what we think we know.” We are still wrong about so many things.


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