Doctors are funny, part 2 of many

Doctors tell us to cut down on our fats because all but two fats are bad for us:

1. Then why does the body deploy a digestive system fully capable of digesting and absorbing 500 grams of fat a day (see Guyton’s Textbook of Medical Physiology, Chapter 65, p. 759 of the tenth edition).

2. Why does the body hold onto its cholesterol and bile as if they are as good as gold? The body typically reabsorbs about 95% of the bile it secreted. Why? If cholesterol were truly bad, dumping bile would be the best way to keep the bodily pool of cholesterol low.

Why fat and emulsifiers like choline, bile and lecithin are so important:

1. We need fat + emulsifiers + water to solubilize the hundreds to thousands of fat-soluble nutrients in food.

2. If we do not eat enough fat, we produce less bile, and solubilize these important substances less well. Less absorption, less nutrition. Per Guyton: 97% fat absorbed with abundant bile, 40-45% without bile, chapter 65).

3. If we eat choline, an emulsifier present in high concentration of egg yolks, we do not need quite so much bile to accomplish this solubilization.

4. But doctors tell us to throw away the egg yolks with their choline and cholesterol and to minimize fat consumption in general. So how are we supposed to absorb the hundreds of lipophilic nutrients, including the essential fats?

Because doctors are funny:

1. I am never going to deliberately restrict fat in my diet – but add fat-containing foods and fat itself until the taste is optimal.

2. I will eat egg yolks and throw away egg whites.

3. I will add emulsifiers like egg yolk, mayonnaise, butter or lecithin to make fat soluble nutrients in foods and herbs (like turmeric) more absorbable, and rely less on iffy bile secretions.


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