Doctors are funny, Part 1 of many

Maximum irony: our health sucks because doctors are giving us unsound advice that they justify by ignoring data that flat-out contradict what they are saying.

For example doctors tell us:

1. do not take a multivitamin (because it does not arrest aging, cure or prevent cancer – who in his right mind would think that two dozen nutrients out of the thousands of important nutrients the body needs would do those things?)

2. eat egg whites; throw away egg yolks

3. they prescribe acid blockers when we have a funny tummy.

1+2+3 is a formula for multiple nutrient deficiencies.

Consider just the nutrient biotin

Multivitamins contain free biotin – not covalently bound to protein, this biotin is more absorbable than food biotin, and not taking a multivitamin depletes this important source of biotin.

Strong stomach acid is needed to denature biotin-containing proteins and to start their digestion.

Without a good stomach digestion, in the small intestine, biotinidase cannot do its job of removing covalently bound biotin from the stomach-generated oligopeptides – thus lowering bodily pools of biotin.

Egg whites, though cooked, still contain enough active avidin to bind some of the biotin in food, rendering it less available to our systems. Egg yolks of course are rich in biotin.

On the assumption that doctors are backwards, I am going to do 3 things:

1. Never take acid blockers – deal with psychogenic stress in other ways.

2. Eat egg yolks and throw away egg whites with their antimetabolite, avidin.

3. Always take a multivitamin and add a separate shot of biotin because most multivitamins are low in biotin, even though there have been no report of adverse effects from overdosing biotin up to 5000 micrograms a day.

The side effects of low biotin: thinning hair, brittle nails, poor skin tone, and as the deficiency gets more severe, depression. Of course, the doctors have drugs for all of these, when taking good biotin supplement would have been the best first step to prevent them.



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