Pinched face is an unrecognized birth defect

The term “pinched face” I use to refer to a narrower than normal middle third of the face. It is quite common in America and the West. It is especially common in Cornwall. I believe it is mostly due to generational nutritional deficiencies. Pinched face is not found in well-nourished primitive peoples, well-isolated from us, our customs and our foods, as Weston Price noted. He was convinced it was an unrecognized birth defect, but American obstetricians of course know better.

I believe there are many medical consequences of this birth defect. I will cite two examples:

1. the need to extract wisdom teeth in those with more pronounced pinch face – the medical consequence comes when dentists don’t extract the wisdom teeth, and the crowding pushes teeth apart.

2. Even with mild adenoiditis, a person has trouble breathing through his nose; consequently, he breathes mostly through his mouth, and thus inhales less adequately filtered air into his lungs.


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