You have not understood any phenomenon until…

You have discovered the deficiencies driving it.

Finding the material causes (as defined by Aristotle) is just the first step in comprehending the phenomenon. It is a superficial level of analysis. Most scientists – most people – stop their inquiries there, apparently fully satisfied with their understanding, enjoying the world’s plaudits.

Consider the attraction between the sexes.

The material causes are usually pretty obvious.

Finding the deficiencies that are driving it is not so straightforward.

Consider this insightful quote from the movie “Rocky” (1976).

Paulie is asking Rocky what’s the attraction between Rocky and Paulie’s sister Adrian.

Rocky says: “She’s got gaps. I got gaps. Together we fill gaps.”

Gaps are deficiencies, needs, wants. The attraction is of course partly physical, but mostly psychological – the gaps.

Why do some men with beautiful wives cheat? Because the beauty, the material cause of the attraction, is not enough. The psychological needs that are still not being met are met in part with cheating.


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