Hoisted with their own petard

Good story-telling and myth-making still demand a scientific type of consistency.

Consider this bad story telling and monstrous inconsistency in the bible.

In the bible, God is pictured as creating all people, a single human species. A presumption of more or less equality (normal or Gaussian variance about a mean) is implied by that statement.

What we see in the bible is an exaggerated form of elitism. God chooses one people, less than 1% of all people, and elevates them above everybody else, telling this people that they can treat Gentiles as chattels, killing those unlucky enough to live in the Holy Land and enslaving the young girls at God’s command, and once the heinous deeds were done, they earned God’s enthusiastic approval.

This is bad story telling. If the author of Genesis had written that God created the Jews and the devil, a being decidedly inferior to God in all respects, had created everyone else, the story would be consistent with that statement, however foolish and unscientifically grounded the elitism.

Anecdotal aside – modern elitism.

Recently I attended an event at the local Jewish Community Center. Afterwards, assuming that my wife and I were Jewish, a Jewish woman said to us that she believes that the consumption of Schmaltz is what makes Jewish people so smart. Since the standard Gentile practice is to cut off and discard almost all chicken fat, the implication is that this practice is why Gentiles are so much less intelligent than Jews. Amazing things people say when they make false assumptions about their audience. Fortunately, we could care less about the implied insult, and we just entertained her conjecture.


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