Even edema is due to deficiencies

Edema is comprised of excess salt water. It is caused by consuming too much salt. EVERY doctor says so.

What could be more obvious?

EVERY doctor is wrong, unless the person is consuming more salt than a healthy human body can eliminate in a day. Nearly no one is doing so. How do I know? Because that level of salt – more than one mole per day – would make food taste disgusting.

Edema is due to

1. cardiac deficiency

2. kidney deficiency

3. Nutrient deficiency – perhaps potassium and magnesium, lithium, taurine, and of course water (the more water taken in, the more salt can be excreted).

4. Exercise deficiency – exercise is needed for proper blood and lymph circulation.

5. Other deficiencies

6. Combinations of the above deficiencies.


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