We are not civilized – we are un-primitive

We were once primitive. We had sufficient common sense and we knew how to live sensibly. We were not neurotic or psychotic. We were well-nourished, had healthy teeth, exercised a lot, and slept like babies even in advanced age.

We are now un-primitive. We have all the clothes and gadgets of civilized people, but we are not civilized. Not even close. We have abandoned common sense and we fret about nonsense. We are royally screwed up psychologically. We eat man-made junk food, avoid outdoor exercise like the plague, foolishly expect doctors to cure us with a pill, and can’t sit still, concentrate, or sleep properly. Are these the penalties of civilization? No – the penalties of being un-primitive.

To advance to civilized, we must recapture our common sense and focus on what really matters. We must “front only the essential facts of life.” Then we must become smart. We must look like we belong in this civilized garb. To become smart, we have to become educated and there is the rub – there has never been more to learn, and the methods of education keep getting worse. Ignorance rules the world, and will do so for some time to come.


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