Materialists persistently abuse the causal model

Doctors claim that gastrointestinal (GI) infections are the cause of about 3,000 deaths a year in the US.

The CDC estimates there are about 48,000,000 GI infections per year in the US.

By what stretch of the imagination is something a cause in only 3 thousand out of 48 million cases?

By definition, if a cause occurs, the effect occurs. A cause necessarily produces its effect.

These data fit the opposite model:

1. Americans are an unhealthy lot – two-thirds will die of complications of degenerative disease. Degenerative disease takes many years to develop. A person becomes unhealthy (fails or barely passes a routine, level one medical exam) years before the diagnosis.

2. Yet when challenged by GI infections, this unhealthy population easily vanquishes the bacteria, viruses, and fungi that are challenging their defenses.

3. Thus GI infections are no cause of death; they are a very beatable challenge to our systems. The vast majority of persons, who are clearly unhealthy, and many of whom are not even “healthy” at the time of the attack, survive the challenge.

4. A tiny percentage are not up to this easily beatable challenge, and they succumb. The cause(s) of death: HOST FACTORS, HOST FACTORS, HOST FACTORS.


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