Doctors are so against high protein, high fat diets that they do ridiculous things

Another example: Diabetics have trouble taking glucose up into cells.

Per Guyton, the average human body contains about 40 L of water, about 2/3 intra-cellular (25 L) and 1/3 extra-cellular (15 L), of which 1/5 is in plasma (3 L).

In a healthy person, total body glucose is equilibrated during fasting in this pool of body water to about 4-5 mM glucose (72-90 mg/dL) using the facilitated glucose transporters in cells. Obviously, the glucose level is higher in someone with diabetes, but the principle is the same.

The total body pool of glucose is thus about 200 millimoles of glucose or about 36 grams.

Why would doctors recommend diabetics add about 100 grams of glucose per meal to this pool? Seems to lack common sense in an offensive manner.

Why would doctors expand the pool of glucose by 280% at every meal in a person who can’t dispose of it? It is like giving free syringes to drug addicts. It is nuts.

Answer 1: doctors are so convinced that high-protein, high-fat diets are highly toxic and will only make things worse. Probably true if the protein is not from whole foods, and especially if the protein is from supplements deficient in calcium, if the fats are not properly balanced, and if the meals are not whole foods and do not contain sufficient supplementation (minimally vitamin D and fish oil).

Probably true if the diet is low-calorie – it is very hard to nourish a sick body, suffering the ill effects of chronic deficiencies, on a low-calorie diet. Diabetics need lots of calories of pure whole foods nutrition. Their weight is neither here nor there as far as having diabetes is concerned, as Roux-en-Y bariatric surgery shows, because those diabetics who are cured by the surgery are cured before losing even 10 pounds of weight. The diabetics need psychological help to reduce their stress, which will help improve their exercise and sleep as well.

Exercise before every meal and strolling after every meal must be the rule in diabetes treatment. After all, exercise does what insulin does: it recruits glut-4 to the cell surface to enhance uptake of glucose from the blood. Why don’t doctors emphasize this more?

Answer 2: because they have prescribed insulin. Just force all the sugar into cells. Problem solved. Not at all – the side effects of doing this three times a day every day are one reason not to.

Another reason not to do this is that it is not part of a solution to the problem. The solution is to cure the diabetes, and that involves eliminating the four key treatable deficiencies that are likely driving the fundamental problem that leads to diabetes. Obesity does not drive diabetes. High-fat, high-protein, high-salt dieting does not drive diabetes.

Diabetes is driven by extreme stress that accompanies serious psychological ills, poor exercise habits, poor sleep habits, coupled with excessive calories of food low in nutritional quality. Replace these deficiencies with sensible, drug-free approaches (no narcotics to improve sleep, no weight loss drugs – pure insanity), and diabetes will be a thing of the past – even without significant weight loss. As materialists, doctors will never accept that diabetes can be cured without significant weight loss. They think excess weight causes diabetes – the surgical data clearly say otherwise.


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