Is Dr. Joel Fuhrman correct?

In “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” Dr Joel Fuhrman says that satiation is a function solely of bulk – eat a large, low-fat vegetarian meal and you will not be hungry for many hours.

I contend that satiation is multivariate and that the variables are in rough order of importance:

1. Amount of fat

2. Amount of calories

3. Amount of complete protein

4. Amount of carbohydrate

5. Bulk – the stretch receptors in the stomach detect this.

An experiment to see who is right:

On alternate days, keep a diary and make a note of the first hunger pangs you feel, and consume one of the following meals:

1. The perfect Joel Fuhrman meal: A two-pound salad consisting of mixed greens, broccoli, carrots, radishes, tomatoes, lemon juice to make it moist and flavorful, and anything else you want, but NO fat (no nuts, no salad dressing) and NO animal products (no cheese, no bacon bits, no meat, etc). This meal will stretch the stretch receptors of the stomach, but will not trip the fat, calorie, and protein sensors.

2. A perfect All-American meal: A one pound bacon double cheeseburger. Only one pound of bulk – so much less stretch than the perfect Joel Fuhrman meal #1. But lots of fat, calories, protein, and carbohydrates.

3. If Joel Fuhrman is right, meal #1 will keep you satisfied much longer than meal #2. If I am right, meal #2 will keep you satisfied much longer than meal #1.

4a. If meal #2 works for you as it does for me, then consume meal #3 = meal #2 followed an hour later by meal #1 – combines the best of both – lots of fat, calories, protein, carbohydrate, and lots of bulk, vitamins, minerals, and lots of antioxidants and fiber. This is a high calorie Square Meal, of which I have written much. This is the way to go! No suffering, no running uphill, no fighting hunger pangs, no titanic battles against your own will power.

4b. Alternatively, to the Joel Fuhrman 2 pound salad ADD: 1. shredded cheese 2. meat of your choice. (total weight of #1 and #2: at least 8 ounces) 3. Salad dressing of your choice – as much as you like. 4. Anything else that makes it more satisfying, including croutons. These additions will make the meal much more satisfying and complete the nutritional profile.

If you eat only one other meal all day, fine. No one says you have to eat three meals a day. Never eat on a schedule – only when you are hungry.

Enjoy outdoor exercise, rest/sleep well, and above all keep your emotions in balance. And live a long and happy life. Simple. Why do physicians insist on making it so complicated?


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