Origin of asthma

Like all medical conditions and diseases, asthma is driven by deficiency, aggravated by excesses, in this case excess toxicity.

Toxins are challenges; they do not cause [necessarily produce] illnesses – most of us meet those challenges. The weaker among us fail to meet the toxic challenge. They succumb to asthma.

Asthma is not due to an excessively clean house. Ridiculous – a clean house is nothing. A house could be a “clean room” and it would not make the tiniest difference in total toxic load. Anyone who goes out in the world for at least eight hours a day is exposed to sufficient dirt, dust, respiratory irritants, and germs to condition and arouse the immune system, and arouse it strongly.

The connection to an excessively clean house: obsessive parents, who excessively clean their homes, are more likely to badger doctors until they get a treatable diagnosis, even if asthma is the wrong diagnosis. These same parents are more likely to use “green” cleaners that do not clean and disinfect properly, thus ironically exposing their kids to more harmful pathogens than those parents who use real cleaners and disinfectants, whose kids are exposed to chemical irritants like chlorine bleach, minor compared to the biological irritants that bleach kills. Biological irritants reproduce inside of us – chemical irritants do their limited damage without biological amplification.

Asthma is due to deficiencies in one or more of the following: genes, psychological health, nutrition, and restorative functions (sleep, exercise, hygiene and so many others), and is exacerbated by excesses – mostly toxic excesses of either urban, suburban, or rural life. Each one has its own toxic excesses. Again, most of us are strong enough to meet the challenge of the toxins we are exposed to, and we do not succumb to asthma; some of us are not, and they succumb to asthma.

Personal note: my mother kept a very clean home and she used chlorine bleach. None of us four kids ever had asthma or any respiratory problems at all. Nor did we have autism or hyperactivity or any such nonsense. We all knew how to settle down, shut up, and pay attention. We were disciplined. We could all read and write well and do math quickly in our heads.


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