The most overrated job qualification: experience

Have you ever been interviewed by someone who was replacing an employee with 20+ of experience who was recently fired or forced out for incompetence?

The most important question for these robotic interviewers is: how much experience have you had?

I’ve always wanted to retort: what did the previous incumbent’s experience matter?

Get a clue!

Rule 1: the more experience people have, the more set in their ways they are.

Rule 2: Most ways of doing things are seriously sub-optimal.

Conclusion, rule 3: experience cements people into doing things sub-optimally.

If you want to improve things, hire a bright, sensible, energetic experimenter, with little or no experience, who will try a lot of sensible things and keep what works best.

If you want continued sub-optimal performance, hire an automaton who has been doing the job sub-optimally for years, is totally resistant to change, and has no clue how to do it better, and too little energy to try something new.


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