Multivariate functions – toxicity

Rule 1 – toxicity is multivariate, a function of many different toxins and many different levels of resistance to toxins (nutrient levels regulate many a response).

Exception 1- when one particular toxin is present at or near the lethal dose.

Rule 2 – Scientists set limits on each toxin individually.

Rule 3 – toxins exert their effect in aggregate, through the total toxic load…Exception 3 – unless there is an unbalanced toxic load. Example: mining asbestos without proper protective equipment plus heavy cigarette smoking – both toxins attacking the lungs preferentially.

Rule 4: Thus we have a false sense of security when each and every measured toxin in our food and drink is below or even well below the toxic limit. Nice, but ultimately not relevant.

Conclusion: We need a real-time assay to measure total toxic load and unbalanced toxic loads.


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