How many hallowed truths are rubbish?

My guess: most are. Man is full of baloney.

Many people look to the Bible for moral wisdom. I don’t – I find the standard of morality sub-standard.

The problem with the Bible is that it speaks with one voice at a time; there is no loyal opposition. Without dialectic, accurate or even fair statements do not and probably cannot emerge. One man at a time tells us what God supposedly told him. People trust these men. I don’t, especially when they tell the people to annihilate one group of people after another in the Middle East and to take their young girls as slaves. That is not likely to be the word of a Supreme Being.

I wrote two books, Aaron’s Prayer and Bury My Heart with Aaron, with a common supposal: Suppose two men claiming to be “men of God” gave us two diametrically opposed messages from God. Dialectic! Whom do you believe? How would you know? I would believe Aaron because at least he teaches love and at least some of what he says is verifiable; most believe Moses without any evidence, and also in the face of evidence to the contrary (such as the first two chapters of Genesis, with two contradictory accounts of the origin of the human species, both of which are dead wrong).


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