Blood pressure: rules and exceptions

The medical establishment confuses exceptions with rules. As a rule, It thinks high blood pressure is caused by over-consumption of salt and that as a rule, a combination of medications will cure high blood pressure (restore it to healthy levels), given a low salt diet. Wrong on both counts: they are the exceptions.

Most people do not have salt-sensitive hypertension. If high salt caused their high blood pressure, then a low salt diet should quickly reverse blood pressure back to normal. High salt caused high blood pressure is the exception. We know this because low salt diets correct the high blood pressure of very few individuals back to normal. Everyone cannot be cheating and secretly loading up on salt (24 hour urinalysis can show who is cheating). A healthy human kidney can process approximately 4* 0.14 M *2 liters or about 1 mole of NaCl per day with a typical 2 liters of urine. 1 mole of NaCl is 58 grams, about 5 times what the average American consumes.

Long term high salt intake does not cause high blood pressure. High salt water retention is a complication in those people whose lymphatic systems and kidneys are not removing excess salt properly (doctors over-rely on GFR as a sole measure of kidney function). Look for edema to see who will be a somewhat salt-sensitive hypertensive (i.e. whose hypertension will be lowered a little by low salt diet).

Most people are not cured of high blood pressure by any combination of medications either. Being cured by medication is the exception. Not being cured by medication is the rule. Simple explanation: years of poor dietary habits, coupled with stress, poor exercise and/or sleep habits, have resulted in artery walls lacking proper elasticity, which the CNS reads as too low a blood pressure (in addition or alternatively, the sensors themselves, due to the same deficiencies, may be a bit off in their readings). The CNS responds by setting the baseline blood pressure higher. Any and every attempt to lower it with medication is aggressively resisted by the CNS (with an assist from the kidneys if they are having trouble filtering the blood).

Solution: proper whole foods diet, rich in accessory nutrients, proper stress control, proper restorative functions (proper sleep and exercise). NOT medication! NOT boring low salt diets!


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