Excesses Exacerbate Deficiencies

Take an excess of alcohol as an example.

Alcoholics develop deficiencies in vitamin A, the B vitamin complex, and methyl groups.

The methyl group deficiencies are severe – and are exacerbated by the B vitamin deficiencies – and probably underlie the development of fatty liver and liver cirrhosis. The vitamin A deficiency is likely a key player in the development of cancers of the mouth, upper GI tract, the colon, and the liver.

Alcoholics need animal products – good source of pre-formed vitamin A and the richest source of methyl groups – in their diet. Lots of eggs just might be the perfect food Rx for alcoholics. How ironic that our health authorities, by their incessant drone that we are consuming too many animal products, might be exacerbating the serious health problems of malnourished alcoholics.

A study of alcohol consumption as a function of amount/quality of nutrition should make it plain enough. Common sense says the more alcohol consumed, the more nutritional firepower is needed.


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