Inextrictable Entanglement

The four pillars of health -sufficient levels of 4 things: nutrition, sleep, exercise, and psychological health- are inextricably entangled. This means that any attempt to disentangle them leads to inaccuracy and artificially strained interpretations.

Consider sleep: poor sleep adds to the other three deficiencies: nutritional, exercise, and psychological health. It also leads to excessive calorie consumption, the inevitable weight gain, and further deficiencies in exercise, sleep, psychological health. Try to figure out why we do not sleep better and inevitably, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and poor psychological health come up. So do various excesses – such as excessive weight, which leads to the question, why excessive weight? Ultimately due to deficiencies in the four factors. Excessive alcohol consumption can further reduce the quality of sleep, which leads to the question, why the overconsumption of alcohol? Deficiencies in the four factors. In turn, alcohol overconsumption leads to further deficiencies in the four factors. Vicious cycles everywhere one looks. Four inextricably entangled variables – they really are the four faces of health itself.


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