Sad news for the health of future generations

According to Evaluate Pharma estimates, the total R&D budget for drug development will rise to $149 billion by 2018.

When will we wake up from this drug-induced nightmare, and realize that our bodies can heal themselves, and without much effort on our part? Mostly, just getting out of our own way. For one’s least favorite meal, substitute just One Square Meal a day and ADD a daily juice blend – that would do all the healing most of us need.

In addition, for better psychological health: all of us need more appreciation from others, especially those whom we idolize/admire too much. When will educators teach this fine art of praise-without-flattery in school?

Some of us need therapy to heal our minds in order to heal our bodies, but we won’t get that until the stigma has gone away, and psychiatrists finally figure out how our minds really work.

Finally, add a little exercise and better sleep, which go together like hand-in-glove, and we could throw out virtually all of the damned drugs.


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