The Central Thesis of the Square Meal Diet Nutritional Program

Who has the right emphasis on the preventable drivers of disease?

(A) Most doctors and the entire weight loss industry: EXCESS DRIVES DEGENERATIVE DISEASE. We are an unhealthy lot PRIMARILY because we eat too much – too many calories, too much meat, too many other animal products, too much saturated fat, cholesterol, sugar, artificial ingredients, and salt. The list goes on. We cannot long endure a high X diet, where X is any one of the above.

Or (B) A handful of renegades, including me: EXCESSES EXACERBATE, BUT DEFICIENCIES DRIVE DEGENERATIVE DISEASE. We are an unhealthy lot PRIMARILY because we are deficient in at least one of the following four things: nutrients (essential, conditionally essential, and/or accessory), exercise, sleep/rest, and psychological health.

Excesses do their harm primarily by creating deficiencies. Excesses exacerbate/accelerate the development of degenerative disease due to deficiencies in one or more of the above critical four factors.

If we drop the word PRIMARILY, we immediately realize that both (A) and (B) can be right.

Does it matter which is the PRIMARY REASON?

Yes, of course: if (B) is true, we can be healthier by ADDING food and drink to an already rich, sumptuous, high calorie, eminently enjoyable diet. If (A) is true, the only road to better health is by boring and painful DENIAL DIETING.

In addition, if (B) is true, then a well-nourished, well-conditioned, well-rested, emotionally balanced person can be healthy even if significantly overweight.  This is the “healthy fat man” of whom proponents of (A) deny the very existence.

The truth of proposition (B) would be very good news indeed for the millions of people who have failed to sustain weight loss with every denial diet they have tried.


2 thoughts on “The Central Thesis of the Square Meal Diet Nutritional Program

  1. I suppose that a principal NON-PREVENTABLE driver of degenerative disease is genetic deficiency, making at least 5 drivers.

    • Yes – genetic deficiency is the fifth driver of degenerative disease (creates a chain with weak links – most often, the weakest link breaks first) and it is currently NOT preventable. Naturally, I’m focusing on the preventable ones.

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