Doctors are amazing

For years doctors and drug companies have urged cancer patients to take chemotherapeutic drugs.

Common sense says: as you fight cancer, gird yourself for the fight of your life. Re-balanced and strengthen your system, and above all, do nothing that weakens your system, especially your immune system, which is needed to kill off the last of the cancer cells after any treatment.

Now look at what they are saying:

“We are pretty good at shrinking tumors, but not good at getting rid of them. Immune therapy is a way to begin to approach that.” – Merck senior vice president Gary Gilliland

As a writer of fiction, if I wrote this, I would be accused of not being true-to-life. Truth is stranger than fiction by far.

But, finally, an iota of common sense from doctors and drug companies. Ironically, these new immunotherapies are being approved and are going to continue to be approved vis a vis – you guessed it- chemotherapy. More ironically, these immunotherapies are taking a bad approach – they are trying to inhibit critically important negative regulators of the immune response like PD1. These regulators help prevent an exaggerated immune response. Great, shrink a tumor and give the patient autoimmune disease. Next solution, please. This time try tuning the immune system, not unbalancing it.

Health is found only by restoring proper balance among all of our natural push-pull competing systems. Inhibiting one pole of any system just leads to other problems. To be useful, medicines must become “bipolar.” They must become “gyroscopic.” They must address both the push and the pull mechanisms, focusing on achieving the proper balance.


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