Gyroscopic pharmaceuticals (continued)

A gyroscopic pharmaceutical is one that has both a push and a pull mechanism. It is bispecific, bipolar, self-leveling, self-balancing, self-optimizing.

Most pharmaceuticals are monopolar – most LOWER the amount of analyte – such as those that lower blood sugar, blood cholesterol, or blood pressure.

Even these things need balancing – not just lowering, as blood sugar and blood pressure can occasionally become dangerously low.

And something like stomach acid needs very careful leveling – an optimized level, personal and specific, not just an optimized level for the average person. A balancing of proper minimum stomach pH, not just a lowering, not just a total shut off.

The bipolar drug has to do all of the leveling. The drug may consist of two or more molecules or be a single bifunctional molecule (with a possible spacer in between). One drug pushes while the other pulls. They balance each other by having opposite or rather complementary effects.

It is not sensible to leave the leveling/balancing to patients or patients and doctors, with experimental optimization. Stomach pH is too variable meal to meal. Depends on stress levels. Can’t possibly regulate it properly with a monopolar acid blocker like omeprazole or any of its monopolar cognates. Absurd idea. Should never even have been approved by FDA. Absolutely should never have been available over the counter. What were the officials thinking of?


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