How little doctors know

I have a common and relatively harmless medical condition. I laugh when I look up its “causes” on medical websites. Not a single one applies to my case! How much doctors think they know! How little doctors really know about common medical “maladies”. I would be terribly surprised if the experience of other people with other conditions were not similar. Wish we could aggregate medical ignorance. It would be quite the joke if we confined it to non-threatening conditions. Would readers of this anecdotal database continue to trust their doctors? Probably – what else do they have to hold onto?

Besides “causes,” on which doctors are clueless, the other thing that doctors know little about is “aggravators” of conditions, or what we might call “triggers” of “flare ups”. I read through that list for my condition and laughed heartily – I see no correlations with any of them. What does correlate a little is levels of stress and flare ups. It probably would correlate perfectly if there were not so much unconscious stress that is well hidden from our conscious surveillance.


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