Braavos Water Dance – Proper exercise format for middle-aged folks?

The Braavos water dance features slower, more balanced, properly extended, more graceful, deliberate movements – then a sudden strike, when an opponent overextends or unbalances himself. Contrast the Westeros “hacking and hammering” – fast, short, aggressive, brutal strike after brutal strike. The Westeros way is too offensive a style – or perhaps an insufficiently defensive style.

The Westeros style is our American or Western style of exercising – too aggressive, too herky-jerky, too unbalanced, too fast, too furious, and too hard. This style increases wear and tear (no wonder so many hip and knee replacements as exercise enthusiasts age) and the risk of injury in those exercise enthusiasts who have reached middle age (40+).

If all our exercise were more like a water dance, would we age more gracefully (a little cartilage in the knees, anyone?) and have fewer injuries, aches, and pains?

I have started to do all of my exercises from push ups to deep knee bends, to ab crunches, to stair climbing, to weight lifting, to simple walking the Braavos way. Slow, balanced, and deliberate, with properly extended, graceful motions. No hurrying or straining. I feel better than when I followed the Westeros way of exercising.


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