The Advantages of a Balanced Multiverse

If God is defined as an eternal “force” for Good, with no equal and opposite force, then God is an uncanceled substance. This is essentially the way the monotheistic religions see God, who is opposed by a much weaker force, an evil being, a fallen angel, the devil.

Thus God can exist only in an unbalanced multiverse.

God’s existence poses at least four problems: 1. The origin or the lack of an origin of God. 2. The persistence of God. 3. The origin of evil. 4. The persistence of evil.

None of these four problems exists in a balanced multiverse in which God cannot exist.

The major problem confronting the balanced multiverse is its origin or lack of an origin.

If the multiverse is balanced, and had no origin, then how was there always something (even as a zero sum)? Or, if the multiverse had an origin, how did nothing (a zero sum) evolve into something (a different zero sum)?

I can more easily accept not knowing the mechanism by which one zero sum state evolves into another than I can accept not knowing -actually, not having a clue about- the answers to at least the four major questions that the existence of God poses. After all, there are many things in our universe that I accept as real without knowing the mechanism of, including most prominently, human consciousness and the force of gravity. Add to that: I can accept not knowing the mechanism by which one zero-sum evolves into another.

References: 1. Maximum Irony 2. Crazy or Just Crazy Enough to Be True?


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