Two types of Conservatives

T1C – A Type 1 Conservative disagrees with liberals only when they are wrong.

T2C- A Type 2 Conservative disagrees with liberals on “everything” – if liberals are for something, they are against it.

T2C’s have to argue against evolution because liberals believe in evolution. In fact, T2Cs claim that evolution is “liberal” science.

T1C’s don’t waste time arguing against evolution with the specious, ad hominem arguments T2C’s passionately defend. But unlike liberals, T1C’s don’t make a religion out of evolution. It is a theory, but one that is presumptively valid. 150 years and no one has falsified it – that has created a rebuttable presumption of validity. How would it be rebutted? Discover and validate one fact that is absolutely incompatible with the theory. E.g., find and validate a human skeleton in pre-Cambrian rock.


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