“Let food be thy medicine” – Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine

We are only dimly aware of just how stressed, emotionally and biologically, we really are, until we succumb to serious illness. Bacteria, viruses, fungi, chemicals, poor diet, lack of sleep, and excess body weight are just some of the important biological stressors that weaken our bodies.

Our stress levels are greater today than ever, and increasing, while our resistance to them is at an all time low, and decreasing. Until this is reversed, it means that our average level of health is going to decline. At the same time, we are living longer – with illness. More quantity of life and less quality for the forseeable future.

We can, however, dramatically improve our resistance to both types of stress by enjoying a single, delicious, ultra-nutritious “Square Meal,” which has THREE times the nutritional firepower of the hardy, home-cooked meals of yesteryear, which supported a higher quality of life in a time with less quantity.

Obviously, the more stress we have, the more nutritional firepower we need to bolster our defenses and maintain our health. Yet, in the grip of daily stresses, we do just the opposite. We eat too much comfort food and drink too much. While these activities reduce our emotional stress, they increase our biological stress directly, and indirectly by weight gain. Then we chronically stress over our weight, and year after year, we stress even more after each failed diet. (The failure rate of diets is nearly 100% twelve months after ending them.) In a downward spiral, as our stress levels increase, our health declines, as we develop high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and eventually degenerative diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis and dementia. The one thing we can count on from medical advances is an even longer life so that we can suffer with these ailments longer. Are we destined for the fate of the Cumaean Sibyl?

Even in today’s world of high-tech medicines (all of which are biological stressors), doctors agree that the best antidote to degenerative disease is still highly nutritious food, as Hippocrates said more than 2400 years ago.

Now more than ever, to shore up our defenses and stop this downward spiral, we need ONE delicious, hardy Square Meal type of “comfort food” per day.

The Square Meal Diet presents a protocol for converting any favorite meal into a Square Meal, using as examples recipes such as those of the popular “Everyday Foods” that are savory, quick and easy.

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