The confusion of “the passage of time” with “aging”

Scientists say things like “cancer and osteoporosis are diseases of old age.”

Properly, a disease due to aging must be shown not to be due to anything but normal maturation with time; it must be shown not to be a predictable result of the passage of time. Many diseases of “aging” are not really so – they are the predictable results of the passage of time.

Many of these changes in gene expression over time are the direct result of bodily responses to nutrient deprivation – with the response itself blunted by nutrient insufficiency. Nutrient (essential and V3) insufficiency cuts twice – it triggers the response and then other and/or the same nutrient deficiencies render the response insufficient to meet the needs of the body. The way scientists write, these gene expression changes occur on their own. Yes, by definition, those due to a well-nourished body’s natural aging do indeed. But so many are not the result of healthy aging; they are responses to desperate situations, due to abuses of our bodies – not so much the junk we eat as the nutritious foods that are missing.

Persons A and B have healthy skeletons and adequate diets, except that the diet of person A is on average about 25 mgs of calcium deficient per day, while person B is on average 50 mgs of calcium short per day. Both person A and person B will develop osteoporosis in “old age,” with person B in half the time.

The development of cancer is likewise a predictable consequence of the passage of time, given everything that we are doing each and every day.

And so on for many other “diseases of old age.”


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